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WIRE Web Design specializes in designing crisp, clean, and professional Web sites for small- to medium-size businesses. Our one-stop-shopping approach to Web site design means you deal with one company for all of your Web site needs.

WIRE Web Site Design is your one-stop shopping for getting your Web site up and running quickly and effortlessly. We take care of designing your Web site, securing your domain name, and establishing, setting up, and maintaining your hosting.

Web sites are conduits of information from you to your visitors.

How many times have you been to Web sites that have been full of sparkling graphics, and dazzling Flash, but the content was so poorly written, you could not understand the information that was being presented? Or Web sites that have understandable content but that are so difficult to navigate, you finally just gave up and went somewhere else?

Many times this is a result of small business owners attempting to construct their Web sites themselves.

We take care of your Web site so you can take care of your business!

Web Site Design

Successful and knowledgeable business people who have tremendous expertise in their fields just simply are not Web designers. The low price of the do-it-yourself Web site services is often very intoxicating but very rarely fulfilling.

Large Web design firms who charge tens of thousands of dollars to build Web sites have staffs comprised of Web site layout artists, graphic artists, and technical writers. These firms offer Web sites that are professional in appearance, have excellent use of animation, interactivities, and graphics, and whose content is expertly written by professional writers. This all comes with a price tag of $10,000-$20,000 or more!

Many smaller Web site design companies offer a lot of flare and glitter, but not much substance, or well written content in Web site designs that are aesthetically unpleasing, boring, and difficult to navigate.

WIRE Web site design has married professional caliber Web site design and layout, customized graphics, and true technical writing, to offer Web site designs that are pleasing to look at, easy to navigate, straight forward in approach, and at a price that even small businesses can afford.

The heart of all of our Web sites is clear and accurately written content. You provide the substance and WIRE writes your content in a manner that is clear, brief in form but comprehensive in scope, and easily understood by all your visitors.

We take the time to listen to your needs, ask the right questions, and gain an understanding of your business. We then put it all together to design a Web site that reflects what you want your visitors to know about your business.

Your Web site is visually pleasing while your visitors are able to easily navigate to find the information in which they are most interested.

Our Web site design service includes the following:

  • Customized Web site designed for your business or organization.

  • Original graphic header and sub-header or your own logo or artwork.
    NOTE: Your logo or artwork must meet WIRE specifications.

  • Up to five Web site pages.

Price: $1995

Domain Name Registration

A domain name is the actual name or address (e.g., www.wirent.com, www.google.com) of your Web site that is typed into a browser.

WIRE helps you decide upon the best available domain name for your business or organization's Web site. We then register and maintain your domain name throughout the life of your Web site.

Price: Included with hosting.


Deciding upon a Web site host can be difficult and confusing. Coordinating your domain name, host, and Web site can be tedious and time consuming.

WIRE uses only reputable, competent, and reliable hosting services. We arrange and maintain your Web site hosting so you don't have to think about it. Our Web site hosting program includes:

  • 50 gigabytes of storage for your Web site.

  • 750 gigabytes of data transfer (i.e., bandwidth).

  • Up to five customized e-mail accounts (POP3 or Web based).

  • Search Engine Submission

    WIRE submits your Web site to all of the most popular search engines. Depending on when each search engine updates its index, your Web site can begin to show up on many of the Web's most important search engines within 48 hours (many times the same business day!).

    We don't stop there! WIRE re-submits your Web site every 30 days to ensure your listing and promote the highest standing possible in each search engine.

Price: $50 per month (no set-up fee with purchase of Web site)

Additional Web Site Design Services

WIRE will gladly further customize or expand your Web site to meet your particular needs. Additional work is billed accordingly.

Web Site Samples

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